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Info Arch

Database and Information Architecture Databases are at the core of enterprise business operations. High-performance systems are composed of robust, scalable server hardware, industrial-strength database software, and a flexible, efficient design. Unfortunately, the design portion of the equation is often neglected or cobbled together without an overall strategic vision. At Lemon Curry Solutions, we understand the importance of efficient design and work with our clients to find innovative solutions to design issues, striving for maximum efficiency and flexibility. Our staff continually surveys the data management industry for new techniques and processes to apply to the unique challenges you face in your daily operations. Our clients will attest to our dedication and expertise in designing high-performance transactional and data warehousing systems. Back

data model

Physical and Logical Data Modeling A data model is the physical representation of business rules and processes that is stored in a database software system. The accuracy and efficiency of the design is a prime factor in the success of a software system. A poorly designed system can suffer a number of debilitating problems, from decreasing performance to difficulty in retrieving data to the abandonment of the system by business users. We can analyze an existing system for design issues, searching for root causes and recommending possible corrective actions. We can also design an efficient system from the ground up or based on a packaged ERP system by translating business needs into efficient models. Back


Business Intelligence Strategy Business intelligence systems come in many forms in today's enterprise, from Excel spreadsheets to centralized data warehousing systems, arising from the conflict between the rapidly changing needs of business and the complexity and size of enterprise BI systems. This diversity of systems often causes issues with data quality, redundancy, and security. Lemon Curry Solutions can work with you to determine all of the various business intelligence systems operating in your organization and develop a strategy to determine the appropriate mix of flexibility, control, quality, and governance. We can show you how to deliver information to all levels of your organization in an integrated and more rapid way, satisfying the needs of all constituents. Back


Reporting Solutions One of the most important aspects of any enterprise software system is extracting the information produced by the system in the form of reports. Historically, it has also been one of the most complex and difficult aspects to implement effectively. The challenges of reporting systems include consistent data definition and relationships, performance and distribution issues, and complicated toolsets. Lemon Curry Solutions can help you develop a robust reporting strategy and implement operational, analytic, and dashboard-style reports using appropriate technology while restraining cost. Back

Data Governance

Data Governance The need for transparency and accountability in corporate financial reporting has given rise to the discipline of Data Governance. This discipline strives to trace the movement and quality of data as it moves through your organization, assigning accountability for its accuracy at appropriate points in the process. We can develop processes and procedures for identifying stewards for your data and ensuring auditability and quality throughout your organization. Back


Metadata Management The data that your organization uses to operate has many descriptive attributes that can be tracked. In addition, data describing data movement and reporting is generated by the performance of those operations. This data can be used to construct new systems more efficiently, satisfy audit requirements, and provide useful information to end users, among many other uses. Unfortunately, much of this data is either lost or stored in a non-recoverable form, causing many organizations to spend valuable resources recovering or re-discovering this information. Lemon Curry Solutions can show you how to capture this information in a reusable form to help you leverage this information for more efficient and lower-cost operations. Back


Master Data Management Concepts such as customers, products, employees, and finance are common to nearly all areas of a diversified organization, but are commonly managed separately, often among business unit lines. This division of data tracking can cause several issues, such as non-matching addresses, unnecessary reconciliation, and the potential of losing business due to customer frustration. The key to successfully managing cross-divisional data concepts is the establish common definitions and processes, understand exceptions to the common definitions, and develop enforcement mechanisms and transport processes for the newly shared data. We can help you develop these new processes, navigate the sometimes choppy waters of establishing common definitions, and recommend technological solutions for managing your new system. Back


Project Management and Leadership Effective project leadership can often be the deciding factor of the success of any project. Lemon Curry Solutions can leverage extensive project leadership experience to guide your project to a successful conclusion. Back

Web Design

Website Design Lemon Curry Solutions offers website design services for eCommerce sites. Back


Website Database Access Lemon Curry Solutions can design web sites that leverage databases for dynamic content generation, which reduces the cost and effort of website maintenance. Back